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There are many women who inspire me, all for pretty much different reasons.  Having been a single mom for a long time and being a woman that’s all about the hustle, I have huge admiration and respect for single moms who are just badass.  Natasha Pearce, is certainly one of those moms.  This single mom to three gorgeous teens, has recently taken the plunge and become a Mompreneur.  She is the designer and creator behind the label Vivacious Vixon, a range of bags made from recycled plastic bottles and up-cycled materials.
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1. What made you finally take the step to become a Mompreneur?  
I felt that it was in the best interest of my family to be a Mompreneur as it provides me with the opportunity to be even more invested in my children’s lives. Being a Mompreneur also gives me the opportunity to build a lasting legacy for my children.
2. Have you always been a creative or is this something you tapped into later in life?
I have always been a creative.  It is very much part of who I am as a person and creativity is in my actual DNA. Being a creative is a natural way of my life and flows into every facet of my being.
3. You are passionate about saving the planet. Tell us what sparked this passion?
I worked in the Clothing Industry for more than 19 years.  During that period I saw how much waste resulted from it and feel that something seriously had to be done.  Our landfills are filling up at a rapid rate and our oceans are being so badly affected by pollution that I refuse to be a bystander. I feel compelled to make an impact and a global change because I know that long-term my children and your children will benefit if we make these changes.
4. How did you start your business?
My business started basically by me needing a particular kind of clutch for an event I was going to attend.  I could not find what I needed in store and decided to make it myself.  I scratched around the house and found some old fabric I had forgotten about.  I made my clutch and off I went to the event.  Several women came up to me to ask where I had purchased my bag.  A bit taken-aback, it dawned on me that this was an opportunity that I should consider.  I started taking orders and made these bags at home.  Well, like they say the rest is history in the making.
5. Hey Sebenza girl, can you tell us more about this part of your journey?
This was such a wonderful opportunity initiated by Foschini where they hosted a competition.  We had to use the #SebenzaGirl to enter the competition.  It was all about showcasing your side hustle or actual hustle. Forty Women country-wide were given the opportunity and platform to network. We were whisked off to a beautiful networking session In Johannesburg where I got to meet fellow Empowering Female entrepreneurs.  Thanks to the Sebenza Girl platform I have been able to use those contacts to my advantage to grown my business.
6. What do your kids think about your new venture?
My kids think that it is a wonderful outlet for all the ideas buzzing around in my head. They enjoy watching me come up with new inventive ways to create sustainable products. They think it’s a great idea to have an eco approach to my label and very much part of my journey.
7. What makes your product unique and why should women everywhere own one (or three) of your bags?
All my bags are made from 100% up-cycled and recycled products. Everything is handcrafted and my Vixon’s are limited editions. So there are only between 5 to 10 Vixon’s made of a particular design.  They are made from off cuts, surplus fabrics, end of rolls, surplus zips that would have normally landed in the landfill or dumped into the ocean. My signature Bon Bon make-up / toiltery bags are made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Owning one of my Vixon’s would mean that you have made a conscious decision to help save our Planet and Animals. It would also mean that you have decided that our Earth and all its living beings are of great relevance and importance .  It would mean that you are a game changer when it comes to saving the planet.
8. What are the challenges in being a Mompreneur?
I would say trying to establish a balance in my life.  Seeing that this is my passion. it has become a way of life for me.  This however sometimes overrides everything else in my life as I can get caught up in a creative mode and lose track of time whilst I am creating a Vixon.
9. Who inspires you?
My kids are my inspiration and motivation as they make me want to make the world a much better place for them. I would like to give the world back to future generations in a much better condition that I have received it.
10.  Whats your favourite quote?
” A dream deffered is not a dream Denied” R.L White

This Mompreneur has a hand in the making of each and every one of these stunning bags.  Natasha’s range is exclusive and uber cool, probably why I own 3 Vivacious Vixon originals. We all have a passion and a purpose, it’s merely a matter of claiming it, owning it and making those dreams become a reality.  Natasha Pearce continually inspires me to keep the hustle alive, to take no prisoners and to basically just DO ME.


To celebrate the amazingness of this product Vivacious Vixen and I have teamed up for a Mothers Day Giveaway.  Head over to my Instagram account and make sure you enter.  Full T&C’s can be found on the Instagram post.  Competition closes on 4 May 2018 at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Instagram no later than 8 May 2018.
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6 thoughts on “Win with Vivacious Vixon

  1. Need to check out these bags. Awesome post

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    1. Keep an eye out on my Instagram page this coming Monday is all I can say 😉😉😉


      1. oooohhhhh.. Turning on post notifications NOW!!!

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  2. What an incredible lady!

    Not many can say they saw an issue and did something to change it especially within their work place!

    Thank you for the insightful and inspiring post


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    1. She indeed an amazing woman. Tha k u for your feedback


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