1 Night in Paris

Okay actually 3 nights in Parys ….

We are an adventuring family and a few years ago we decided to change things up. So instead of hours spent slaving away in the kitchen before sitting down to an elaborate Easter lunch, we now go adventuring over holidays and festive seasons.

This time we headed off to the beautiful town of Parys in the Free State. I love this quaint little town as it’s the perfect escape from the big city vibes. Lets say it’s the perfect #ShotLeft

Good Friday – We arrived at our self-catering accommodation at Rocky Ridge. Upon arrival we realised that the fridge wasn’t working. After checking the fuse box and further investigations we discovered that the geyser element wasn’t working.  Somewhat of a disaster but the biggest part of getting away for me is being adaptable and less fussy.  I don’t see the point in sweating the small stuff when you are away to de-stress and relax.  Anyways, we settled in very quickly and then began the consumption of copious amounts of chocolate and hot-cross buns. Synonymous with Good Friday is the South African delicacy, pickled fish and boy were we in for a treat. It was absolutely delish.

The afternoon was spent lazing around and napping while the kids kept going like Energizer bunnies. Rocky Ridge sits on the banks of the Vaal River, so the kids spent time fishing, swimming in the on-site pool and playing cricket.

Easter Saturday – Early Saturday morning, saw the majority of us head down to the Parys Parkrun. No rest for wicked, but then again fitness is a lifestyle and no excuses when it comes to keeping fit … even on holiday. It was an awesome run with lots of out-of-towners. I loved that we ran alongside the Vaal River and that it was a scenic run. Sky and I managed our first Personal Bests for 2018.

We headed back and then got ready to go to the Parys Echo Wine Festival. Who knew that many people would flock to this little town for some wine tasting.  Honestly, it wasn’t the best wine festival but then again I have been spoilt by Cape Town festivals which are completely on another level. The Echo festival was very unorganized and the amounts of wine served were the equivalent of a tablespoon. We however made the best of it, there was just no getting drunk involved.


There were three participating wineries and we walked through the streets of Parys to make our way to each of them. We drank mostly wines from the Cape Region so I wont complain about that.  It was a scorcher of a day and we were definitely feeling the heat.

We found the Secret Passage

We made our way back down the secret passage to Le Petit Paris which was the stop we most enjoyed. We had wine, more wine, blue bubbly and chocolate shots.  Those chocolate (non-alcoholic shots were amazing) Then I decided it was time to take over barman duties. Yes, I am indeed that girl.

Look how grateful the barman is that I gave him a break

There were limited activities for the kids but they managed to keep themselves busy at the jumping castle. As a “reward” we took them to an old-fashioned candy store. This is the coolest candy store ever. We went a little crazy in there with almost everyone leaving with a bag of sweets in their hands.

Sweety Heaven

It was time to make our way back to our accommodation and straight into the pool we went for some fun in the sun. The kids never seem to get enough of the water and it was the perfect weather for it. Chicken curry and rotis for dinner had us all calling it an early night.

Easter Sunday – Another early morning and this time we were off to do some river rafting with REAL Adventures. The water levels had risen thanks to the rain we have received of late. It was a fantastic morning of rafting. No getting stuck on the rocks and less effort as the water flowed nicely. We love rafting (well most of us did) and it’s something I can see us do rather often.  The youngest in the group are currently in Grade 2 and 4.


We hopped out of our rafts and were safely back on land, then headed straight to the pool again for more water fun and some cricket.  We took it pretty easy for the rest of the a day and ended our Easter Sunday with a braai.

Easter Monday – More pool time for the kids before we headed back to Gauteng


I love weekends away as it forces me to switch off and it allows our adventurous side to take control.  It also forces my kids to put down those electronics and play outside while they learn to appreciate and explore the simple pleasures that life has to offer.  They learn so many fantastic skills every time we go away and that is  exceptionally important for me.

We have barely been back and our next adventure has already booked, planned and paid for.  So I will be back pretty soon to share our next adventure.

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